Operational Innovation – mapping core business processes

Battleship engine room – a metaphor for the complexity of business processes

We were engaged by a fast growing medical charity performing clinical healthcare operations nationally, to help map their core business processes and advise on operational innovation. The goals of the work were to meet the Information Governance needs required of organisations working in health and social care in the UK and to help in the change management required in moving to a new IT system.

In order to achieve these goals, we needed to achieve a thorough understanding of the work of the organisation, how it performed its various functions, and the IT infrastructure and degree of security and confidential of data storage and handling in place. By working closely with staff involved in the day-to-day running of the charity’s work, we were able to capture and graphically document their business processes, which until then had existed in disjointed spreadsheets, e-mails, know-how, and the personal experience and understanding of the charity’s staff and management.

The end result helped the organisation to not only meet the goals above, but additionally to help communicate their work and processes across the organisation and use the documentation we provided for training of new staff. When moving to a new IT system in order to streamline and simplify their various systems, the documented processes would help to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities.

We can help with your operational innovation needs by capturing and communicating your core business processes, and presenting them in a way that is directly relevant to your needs, be they Information Governance, IT system procurement and change management, process improvement and streamlining, or simply to give your organisation a clearer view of what you do and how – if as in our client’s experience, your processes have evolved in complexity and are inconsistently documented and inadequately shared across the organisation.

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Compound Semiconductor Sensors and Sensing Applications

One of our regular clients engaged us in a four week project to provide a landscape report of compound semiconductor sensors and sensing applications. The purpose of the report was to highlight UK capabilities and opportunities for UK stakeholders to develop and commercialise technology.

Using our network of contacts, we were able to contact leaders and key UK stakeholders to understand and capture their core innovation capabilities, direction of R&D travel, and their potential customers and market opportunities.

The report we prepared, together with evidence and references, was completed to the client’s satisfaction. We had regular client contact throughout the work to ensure the work was progressing according to scope and client expectations.

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